Lectures are approximately one hour in length

  Confessions of a Challenge Junkie

There is something about a challenge that really gets the creative juices flowing. Peg has a special place in her heart for these tests of her imagination and construction skills. She loves to interpret the rules and find a way to use the sometimes homely fabric in a new or innovative way. In this trunk show type lecture, Peg shares her addiction to these contests with a showing of the many challenge quilts she had made over the years. Enjoy this lighthearted presentation with plenty of tongue in cheek creativity.

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  Quilt As Desired
Your quilt top is finished and you read the words “quilt as desired” on the instructions. Or maybe you have done an original design and are ready to quilt, but now what?

This slide show and talk will give you creative ideas and guidance to help you proceed with the all important step of quilting your piece. Peg will discuss quilting designs, marking the top, threads, and other aspects of the quilting stitch. Peg gives useful tips to help you complete your quilts with confidence.

Don’t let the “quilting” part of making quilts intimidate you! Quilt as Desired!!

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Go the extra step to take your quilt from good to great!  This talk will cover a number of embellishment techniques you can use to make your quilt more fun to create.  Peg will show how to use trims, buttons, beads, and a myriad of other found treasures to make your quilts memorable!  This slide show will give you the inspiration to design quilts that are show stoppers.  Peg also brings quilts to show examples of techniques.   Don’t be shy, embellish!

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This trunk show is a look back at quilting from the time Peg began in the early 1970’s to today. We all started somewhere and Peg shares her humble quilt beginnings.   Peg’s humorous narrative is bound to make the audience think back to their own quilt histories, successes and follies alike, with a smile.

Available only within driving distance of Omaha, NE due to the number of quilts Peg brings



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